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What is the opening order minimum?
$600 for stocking dealers. $450 for Designers.
What is the reorder minimum?
What is the under minimum fee?
How much must an order be to qualify for free shipping?
$2,500 or more. Order must be shipping to one location.
Are there additonal shipping fees?
When required there is a pallet fee ($5) or create fee ($15). These are added at the time of shipment. These fees do not apply to orders that qualify for free freight shipping.
Can I have each item individually labeled within my shipment?
Yes, when individual item labeling is requested there is a $5 fee.
How do I contact you, or place an order?
Whatever is easiest for you! Website and emailed orders are preferred. Website orders are given the highest priority when payment is received immediately and there are no other delays.
  • Phone: 877.466.1148
  • Fax: 717.795.5605
  • Email: sales@spicherandco.com - for all orders and inquiries.
  • spicherandco.com - Registration is required.
How do I place a Quick Ship order?
Quick Ship orders can be placed via phone, email, or fax. “Quick Ship” must be noted on the order. See Quick Ship pages for available options.
What is the estimated ship date for my order?
All order confirmations include an estimated ship date. Please be aware that ship dates are not guaranteed and everything is made to order.
What is the lead time for Vintage Vinyl®?
Six weeks. This is subject to change according to production volume.
What is the lead time for framed artwork?
Six weeks. This is subject to change according to production volume. ***Please note, due to frame moulding supply chain issues some artwork orders can be delayed depending on current stock. Thank you for understanding. ***
What is the lead time for Quick Ship items?
Six business days.
Can orders be drop shipped, and is there a fee?
Yes, we can drop ship orders directly to customers with a $6 fee per order + normal shipping costs. No invoice information is included in the shipment. Drop ship orders do not need to meet our order minimum requirements.
What is the lead time for rush orders?
When available the rush lead time is two weeks. Please call or email to check availability. ***Not available for items made with acrylic or mdf.***
Can orders for custom vinyl or artwork be rushed?
No. Due to the need for our graphics team to generate proofs and obtain approval from customers, we are unable to rush custom orders.
What is the fee to place a rush on an order?
There is a $10 fee for orders under $300. For orders over $300, the fee is 3.5% of the total.
When do I provide payment information?
Please provide payment info at the time you place your order to prevent any delays. After five attempts to contact you for payment, a cancellation notice will be sent and your order will be canceled one week later.
When will my card be charged?
During checkout for website orders you have the option of being charged immediately OR you may choose to wait until production starts. All other orders will be charged once they enter production. All shipping charges are charged on the day the order ships.
Can I add on to or change an order after it is placed?
You may add on to or change an order at any time up to two weeks prior to your estimated ship date. You may only add or change items one time per order to prevent potential errors.
Will I receive an order confirmation?
Yes, an order confirmation will be sent to your primary email address for every order. Please review the confirmation thoroughly to prevent any mistakes.
What is the return policy for undamaged merchandise?
In general, since all orders are produced to order and we do not stock items, we do not accept returns. Some special exceptions may be granted depending on each case. If the return is authorized by our returns team, there will be a 20% restocking fee. Customers are responsible for shipping items back in proper packaging, and in unused, re-salable condition.
What is the procedure for submitting a claim for a manufacturer's defect?
All claims must be submitted within five days of receiving the merchandise. Photographs of the defective item, along with item number and invoice number must be submitted to sales@spicherandco.com for review.
What is the return policy for custom vinyl or artwork?
We do not accept returns for custom merchandise. All sales are final.
Will I be able to review images of my custom items?
Yes, image proofs of all customized items will be sent to your primary email address. These must be approved in writing before your order can enter production. Be sure to show your clients!
Which vinyl collection can be customized?
The Classic Collection in many cases can be customized, but the WILLIAMSBURG and Morris & Co. Collections cannot. The Artisanry Collection can only be customized in proportionate size changes.
What is Vintage Vinyl® made of?
Vintage Vinyl© floorcloths are made with two-ply vinyl that has a latex padded backing. It is about 1/16” thick and can fit under most doorways. The material is lay flat and has a certified non-slip surface. It is non-flammable, does not contain harmful phthalates, and UV-resistant for up to three years.
Can Vintage Vinyl® be used outside?
Vintage Vinyl® floorcloths are indoor/controlled outdoor. While they are fade-resistant in direct sunlight and durable against the elements, it is important to follow these instructions: If your floorcloth gets wet or is left in the rain, dry the top side and flip it over to allow the underside to dry. This prevents mold and warping. Always make sure that Vintage Vinyl® is secured in place, as high winds may cause damage. Covered patios or screened-in porches are preferable in outdoor settings to ensure that your floorcloth lasts a long time.
Do carpet pads need to be used with Vintage Vinyl®?
Carpet pads are not necessary for Vintage Vinyl®, and we do not suggest using them. Vintage Vinyl® will lay flat and stay in place once unrolled on the floor.
Can Vintage Vinyl® be used on hardwood or tile floors?
Yes, Vintage Vinyl® is ideal for most flat surfaces. It will not damage or discolor hardwood floors. When used on tile with wide grout, please be aware that furniture legs or high heel shoes may puncture the floorcloth. Use caution! We do not recommend use on carpet, gravel, or any other uneven surface.
Can Vintage Vinyl® puncture or tear?
While Vintage Vinyl® is durable, it is not indestructible. Do not drag heavy furniture across it and be careful of stiletto heels or other sharp objects. Always use felt pads under table and chair legs.
How should Vintage Vinyl® be cleaned?
Do not use floor cleaning chemicals, scrub brushes, or vacuums on Vintage Vinyl®! First, try a damp cloth with water. For stubborn jobs try diluted hand soap on a cloth or soft sponge.
Can Vintage Vinyl® be adhered to floors, walls, or ceilings?
Our floorcloths are marketed as accent rugs, however, Vintage Vinyl® can be used in permanent applications as well. For instructions on how to permanently adhere Vintage Vinyl®, please email sales@spicherandco.com.
Can individual swatches be purchased?
Swatches are only sold in pattern sets. They are not available for purchase in individual colorways. Swatch purchases must meet a $10 minimum. $5 under minimum fee still applies to any order under $150.
Vintage Vinyl Care Sheet (included with every shipment)
Vintage Vinyl® is simple to clean. Dust mop the floor to ensure all loose dirt and/or grit is removed. Wipe down with a damp cloth. For stubborn jobs try diluted hand soap and rinse throughly after washing. Do not use dish soap, harsh chemicals or abrasives, which will wear off the finish and colors of the vinyl. Do not use scrub brushes, or vacuums on Vintage Vinyl® Floorcloths as this will damage the floorcloth.
The pattern and color of our floorcloths can considerably effect the appearance of a space. Our patterned floorcloths will help conceal dust and dirt.
Spicher and Company has a distinctive look and feel. Our products are not intended to look new and in fact should more closely resemble a vintage product or found item. All Vintage Vinyl® Floorcloths are intentionally distressed. Due to the manufacturing process please expect some variation in colors. Photos can be seen on our website at www.spicherandco.com.
Vintage Vinyl® is durable in high traffic areas, but it is not indestructible. Use reasonable caution and care on this product. Do not drag metal or furniture across the surface. Always use caution when wearing high heels. All furniture legs require felt pads with 7/32" thickness. Clean up all spills as soon as they occur. This will prevent staining.
For outdoor use, when installing be sure to anchor your Vintage Vinyl® securely to prevent wind damage. Please note, we only cover manufacturing defects.
If you are installing over stained concrete or treated surfaces, make sure the surface is properly cured before installation, as residual solvents, such as acetone or chemicals might damage the non slip surface.
When your Vintage Vinyl® gets wet due to rain be sure to periodically flip over to dry and prevent mildew. Please note, we do not recommend Vintage Vinyl® for poolside use.
*** All claims must be filed with UPS/FedEx immediately.
*** All manufacturing defects must be reported to retailer with in 5 days.